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Penis Envy Dried
Penis Envy Dried
PENIS ENVY STRAIN EFFECTS: Named for the large, phallic appearance of its mushrooms. Renowned for high-potency, hard-hitting psychedelic effects. Can induce deeply shamanic, mystical experiences. Vivid visual effects. Powerful euphoria. Transformative. Not recommended for first time users.
$11.00 per 1 grams
Enigma Platinum Dried
Enigma Platinum Dried
ENIGMA PLATINUM STRAIN EFFECTS: Enigma is a “blob mutation” that can only be propagated by cloning. Also known as a Mooncake. Mutant form of a cross between Penis Envy and Tidal Wave. Known for unique appearance and extremely high potency. Very high levels of psilocybin and psilocyn. Intense euphoria and heightened creativity to deep introspection and spiritual insights. A perfect choice for anyone looking to explore the boundaries of consciousness and experience a deeper sense of connection with the world around them. Recommended for connoisseurs and those seeking a unique and powerful experience. Winning strain in 2022 Oakland Psilocybin Cup.
$14.00 per 1 grams
Golden Teacher Capsules
Golden Teacher Capsules
10 Pack of 100mg Golden Teacher mushroom, blended with spirulina in a standard capsule.
$34.00 per 1 items
Psilo-Mane Capsules
Psilo-Mane Capsules
Psilocybin and Lions Mane blend. For neurological healing and growth.
$45.00 per 1 items
Mushies Brand Shroom Gummies
Mushies Brand Shroom Gummies
DESCRIPTION MUSHIES TRINITY 250MG PSILOCYBE GUMMIES Available as singles, 8-pack bags. Loonie-sized fruit-flavoured yummy gummies with 250mg of Trinity Psilocybe mushrooms each piece. The Trinity strain is a trifecta of Penis Envy, Aztec God and Tidal Wave, (itself a hybrid of B+ and Penis Envy). Together they offer a fantastic, full-spectrum cerebral experience that’s truly unforgettable. You may feel exceedingly cheerful, impressed by the people and things around you, rejuvenated, and thrilled after consuming this mushroom.
$5.00 per 1 items
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