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Welcome to Bliss, the ultimate destination for premium quality, lab-tested psychedelic products. Based in Oakland, our luxury psychedelic company is dedicated to providing exceptional psilocybin experiences via our range of vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO, and Fairtrade products. Our vertically integrated production process allows us to oversee every step of the process, from cultivation to creation. This means that every product that comes from our facilities has been carefully curated to ensure maximum potency, safety, and quality. We are committed to providing world-class products for our customers, and our team will always go the extra mile to deliver the best. At Bliss Mushrooms, we value the power of psilocybin's transformative effects and have made it our mission to make it accessible to everyone. In a relatively new and growing industry, we have quickly established ourselves as one of the fastest-growing psychedelic brands and plan to continuously add innovative products to our line. Our extensive range of products includes capsules, microdoses, chocolates, and more. We believe that our products can provide a unique opportunity to reevaluate one's life and goals, a gateway to new ideas, self-reflection, and creativity. Join us as we revolutionize the world of psychedelics and bring the Bliss experience to California and beyond. Whether you are a seasoned psychonaut or a curious first-timer, we have something amazing to offer.

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